Fubu-inspired dependency management

Ripple is a new kind of package manager that was created out of heavy usage of the standard NuGet client. The feeds, the protocol, and the packages are the same. Ripple just embodies differing opinions and provides a new way of consuming them that is friendlier for continuous integration.

It's lightning fast and gives you more flexibility when dealing with lots of dependencies. Not to mention, you'll have far less merge conflicts.

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Some highlights

  • Lightning fast

    Parallelization and caching make all operations super quick.

  • Command-line friendly

    Purely designed to be used from the command line, ripple gives you full control over your dependencies without the need for Visual Studio.

  • Cross-platform

    Designed to work for both .NET and Mono. No ties to either platform.

  • Automation

    Perfect integration with your continuous integration server and build scripts.